I’ve been kickin’ around now for 52 years (and I still have all but one of my teeth).

If I had to choose a favorite year out of all of those, I’d say it was 1994.  Here’s my breakdown of why:

1. I was seven years into my marriage – and thought it was a good relationship. (The marriage ended five years later.)

2. I’d been doing (local) stand-up comedy for four years, and was having a lot of fun with it.

3. As a punk-pop fan, three of my favorite albums were released: Smash (The Offspring), Punk In Drublic (NOFX), and Dookie (Green Day).

4. As a movie fan in general, I love: The Shawshank Redemption, The Last Seduction, and Pulp Fiction.

5. Bill “Studmuffin” Clinton had been in office a couple of years; of the nine presidents in my lifetime, I have to say he was the best. The country was at least relatively employed, and we had a surplus of cash in the coffers.

6. Beatlemania was in high gear. Wait, that was 1964.

Anyway, I look forward to my new favorite year. I’m guessing it’ll be 2175 (I plan to be cryogenically frozen, then reawakened.)