I finally started watching the Netflix series “House of Cards.” In one episode, a young journalist, Zoe (Kate Mara), quits her newspaper job and starts working for a blog. She’s chatting with her boss, also a young woman, and the boss says she’ll likely sell the blog sometime down the road.

Zoe: So I might not have a job in two years?

Boss: Do you really want ANY job for more than two years?

That response got me thinking about the jobs I’ve had, and about my life in general. You know what? I seem to have a pattern of short-term commitments.

The longest romantic relationship I’ve had was my marriage, which was 11 years. Interweb statistics on this vary, but I think that’s a little less than average. Still, not bad, considering she was quite the harpy shrew.

The longest I’ve been employed at one company is 7 years. Google sez: average is 4.4 years. Pretty impressive, considering that both the commute and my boss completely sucked.

The wife and I moved to the Chicago area in 1990. I had a job and she was looking for one. Within the first two weeks, she started working as a receptionist at an insurance company.

She’s still there (in a much higher position). She will be there until she retires…a total of roughly 40 years.

I can’t wrap my head around that. Forty fucking years. At the same company. At 40 hours a week, that’s 83,200 hours of your goddamn life. AT THE SAME COMPANY.

And then there are couples who have been together for sixty years or more. SIXTY FUCKING YEARS. Damn. The sex better be mind-blowing, even after you both turn 80.

Let’s see – other romantic relationships since my divorce? 1. A little over a year 2. a couple of months, and 3. a couple of weeks. Other jobs? Those stints range from six months to four years.

I’m now at 2 1/2 years at my current job, and I’m ready to leave. So I totally get the “more than two years?” line.

Why am I such a short-hauler? I guess I’m just a person who bores easily, or quickly gets tired of the grind. Perhaps it’s because I have a hyperactive brain. Maybe it’s because I really don’t like working and don’t care if I’m in a relationship.

Anyway, cheers to you lifers, both in jobs and relationships. You all have wills of steel that I could never possess.