Also to appear on the next CD.  Fast celtic-rock thing.  Inspired by…well, you know who you are, drunky.




She asked me to come over and to have a drink or two

When I showed up at seven she was pretty freakin’ stewed

Empty Ripple bottles lyin’ all around her place

And non-stop patter rollin’ out that damn hole in her face


She prattled on about her kids, the weather, and the war

For every drink I swallowed, she was suckin’ down five more

She ranted ‘bout the neighbors and her stupid office staff

The only time she stifled was to take another quaff



She’s a ramblin’, ramblin’, ramblin’ drunk

A ramblin’, ramblin’, ramblin’ drunk

Ramblin’, ramblin’, ramblin’ drunk

She won’t shut up


Oh please, God, deliver me

From all of this misery

I try to be good, Lord

Please make her stop


She yakked about her money woes and things that make her sore

She gestured wildly and she knocked her wine glass to the floor

I tried some witty repartee, but she’d have none of that

I might just wanna bang her if she’d shut her goddamned trap




No, she won’t shut up

She won’t shut up