Morning Scare
Wake up and be terrified before your daily commute

Hannity’s Hologram
Ranting hologram of the beloved host, who died of gout in 2023

The Evil Speaker
Revealing the malevolence of Speaker of the House Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The Confederacy Lives
Reliving the good ol’ days of southern pride and owning people

Down with Brown
Divulging the ugly truth about the murder-crazed brown people

The Big Hoax
In-depth discussions about God’s plan to fry the planet

Spot the Liberal
Game show; host James Woods goes into city streets and challenges contestants to spot wacky liberals

Bombshell Bonanza
A lot of uneducated blondes sit around and talk trash

Atheist Baby-Killers
Exposing the godless liberal agenda to wipe out humanity

The Ingraham Headlock
Laura Ingraham gets guests in headlocks

Not White Power Hour
So totally not about white power, we swear

Border Crisis Central
Updates on how the wall has slowed illegal immigration by .00002%

The Dummycrats
Loops of doctored videos showing the dumbness of the dems

Crimewave USA
Reporting every single crime in the USA

The Second Goddamn Amendment
For firearms fetishists and angry people in general

Tomi Raw
Tomi Lahren spouts ignorance while completely nude (top-rated show)