Okay, so we’re down to the wire here with this election. And it got me thinking about all the rhetoric that’s been thrown around this campaign. And when you break down all the language, I think it comes down basically to their names.


Hillary Clinton

How many friends do you have who refer to her as “Clinton” rather than “Hillary”? You mainly hear “Clinton” on the mainstream news channels or read it in the headlines. (And I realize that, journalistically, you usually refer to candidates by last name.)

But you’ll generally hear “I support/hate Hillary” much more than the same with “Clinton.”

Why, you ask? Hell if I know, but good or bad, she seems to kind of cruise on her first name while side-stepping her last name. Maybe it’s because “Hillary” sounds like a nice aunt. Or it reminds people of Sir Edmund Hillary (she’s been called out for falsely claiming she’s named after him).

And, let’s face it, the name “Clinton” isn’t viewed favorably by many people. So it’s probably best she focuses on just being “Hillary.”


Donald Trump

Come on, people have been making fun of him since the 80s. And While “The Donald” was fun for a while, the last name is what sticks.

That’s because he’s sold his name as a brand for decades. Trump Tower, Trump Plaza, Trump Casinos, etc. He wants you to associate his name with wealth, success, and quality.

When Bernie Sanders was in the race, people referred to him as “Bernie.” You never hear people call Trump “Donald” or “Don.”

So Trump rides his popularity (much of which came from a TV reality show) pretty much on his name alone. And that’s what’s gotten him this far.


IN CONCLUSION: Forget e-mails, sexual misconduct, Benghazi, failure to reveal tax returns, and all the other stuff. Just make it simple:


Do you vote for the grandma with a unique but friendly first name, or the blustery old guy with a last name that sounds like he’d always beat you in cards?