Early Cuyler (voice of Unknown Hinson), star of Adult Swim’s Squidbillies, always wears a trucker hat.  Here are some of the slogans that have graced such hats over eight seasons:


Free Hat Limit 1

Guns Don’t Kill People, They Just Make It Easy!!!

David Allen CEO Live in Macon

I Love Cock Fighting (“Fighting” in much smaller lettering)

Your Dumbass Idea Here

T’aint one T’aint the other!!!!!

Breathe If You’re Horny

Hold My Hat While I Have Sex With Your Wife!!!

Do Something With Your Life! Take Your Top Off!!!

Tell your Boobs to stop staring at my EYES!!!

Don’t blame me, I didn’t Vote!!!

Booty Hunter

Body for Pleasure Mind for Sin

Laugh So I Can See ‘Em Bounce!!

No Habla Jibber-Jabber!

Shoot First Ask Questions Never!

Emergency? Dial .357!!!!

Too Funk To Druck!!

I Support The Flat Tax ‘Cause I’m Flat Broke!

Honey, I’d Suck The Fart Out Of Your Car Seat!!!

Born to Die!!!

Nice Legs! What Time They Open?

Been There, Done That, Got This Hat!

I’ve Got Beer Googles!  When I drink I know It all!!!

Vote YES To Legalize Midget Tossing

This Ain’t No Hat, It’s A Rag Top For A Sex Convertible!

I’m Going Nucking Futz!!

This Hat Contains Minimum 80% Post-Consumer Recycled Hats

My Other Hat is YOUR MOMMA!

Whiskey While You Work

I’m Did Asbestos I Can

Prom King 2005

Swayze Crazy

Nifty! Nifty! Look who’s 53!

World’s Greatest Illegitimate Daddy