By all family accounts, I’m ¼ English (and ¾ German —  Jawohl!). I love British words and phrases.  Here are some of my favorites. And just think, if we’d lost the Revolutionary War, we’d all be saying these too.


Wanker: a jerk

Bullocks: bullshit (technically, testicles)

Fag: a cigarette

Pub: a bar

Boozer: a pub

Chips: French fries

Snog: make out, kiss

Pissed: drunk

Bob’s Your Uncle: and there you have it!

Take a piss: to make fun of

Gobsmacked: amazed

Knackered: exhausted

Nick: to steal

Snookered: completely screwed

Pull the other one, it’s got bells on: you’re lying

Git: a jerk

Lorry: a truck

Lift: an elevator

Piss off: fuck off

Chuffed as Nuts: very pleased

Redundancy: to get fired or laid off

Ring: call on the phone

Mobile: a cell phone

Sack: to fire or lay off

Completely Mental: crazy

Rubbish: trash

Shag: fornicate

Rumpy Pumpy: sexual intercourse

How’s Your Father: sexual intercourse

Fancy: to like or desire

Smashing: excellent

Noddy Blinkers: sleep

Tosser: a jerk

Pavement Pizza: vomit

Poofter: a homosexual

Slap and Tickle: make out, kiss

Throw a Spanner in the Works: fuck something up

It’s Monkeys Outside: it’s very cold outside

Strawberry Creams: boobs