What have you got to prove?

You know what I’m talking about.  There’s always a time when you have to prove something.  Or maybe you have something to prove all the time.  Who ya gotta impress, playa?


Here are the only times I feel I have to impress anybody:

I’m at a job interview.  (I’m totes the dude for the position.)

I’m interacting with my boss.  (Did you ride your Harley in today?  Bitchin’.)

I meet a woman who’s definitely a thumbs-up.  (I’m staring at your boobs, but hopefully I’m witty.)

I’m in front of a judge in a court of law.  (I drink to drown the voices in my head.  Whaddya want from me, yer honor?!)

I’m performing for an audience.  (What’s up with the government?  Am I right? *insert song parody*)


Any other time?  I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what people think.

But some people always have something to prove; some reason they feel they have to impress you.  Why is that?

I have a theory: if you constantly have to prove you’re a certain way, then you have serious doubts you ARE that way, and you’re trying to convince others you’re not insecure about it.

Trying really hard to let people know how hip and with-it you are?  Guess what, you doubt that you’re hip.  Trying really hard to let people know how funny you are?  Guess what, you doubt that you’re funny (and most likely others do, too).  Trying really hard to let everyone know how heterosexual you are?  Guess what, you’re conflicted.

Then there are those who constantly want to argue and prove their opinion is right.  Reality check:  OPINION IS NOT FACT.  And how many times do arguments actually change anyone’s mind? As Sammy Hagar sang, “To me, it’s all just mental masturbation.”

It all rolls back around to insecurity, a topic on which I’ve posted before.  I’ve never understood adults (kids/teenagers get a pass) who desperately crave attention and validation.  I know it’s cliché to say “love yourself,” but dammit, love yourself, man.


SORT-OF POINT OF THE STORY:  Quit trying to prove yourself.  You have no reason to impress the people who really matter.  They’re impressed with you anyway.  Relax and be yourself.