I’ve had an OKCupid account for a little over a year.  They added a featured where you can see all the people who visited your profile.  I’m bored and drinking strong coffee, so I broke down the basic demographics.

Total viewers:  79

Average age:  43.9

Oldest age given:  108

Youngest:  31

Longest distance:  Kazakhstan

Longest distance in U.S.:  North Carolina

In my city:  3

Reasonably attractive (by photos):  35%

BBW’s:  20%

Non-Caucasian:  4

Transsexuals:  1

Most interesting handles: thewordmistress, notyourexwife2, rocknrollgirl2, SilentDuck, lorawesome, NaturalBrunette

I don’t know what all this means, really, except that I get 1 – 2 views a week, I don’t attract women under 30, and one of Borat’s sisters viewed me.  Most viewers are white, not real cute, fairly fit, and not very imaginative with screennames.

And one tranny was interested.  You go, girl/guy.