I found this in my baby book.  It is, to the best of my recollection, the first time I tried to write a longer story.  I think I was four; I’m sure I wasn’t in school yet. 

It’s written in marker, and each chapter is on differently-colored construction paper.  I’m not sure what my fascination was with eating and spiders.  And what good story doesn’t end with a nap?




Chapter 1:

Once upon a time in a house in California there lived a ugly man with his wife.  She was ugly too.  One day the ugly man ate his supper.  It was terrible.  He yelled so loud that he shook the house and he was so ugly that he turned in to a monster.  “A monster” said his wife.  Let’s run over the mountain.  They ran to Mr. Frontiers.  He was good and nice.


Chapter 2:

But her husband was not good or nice.  He’s mean and he was bleeding too.  He found a mean house.  He wint in.  He saw some witchs and bats and skeletons and some spiders-webs too.  He liked it there.  He ate some rats and chains.  And he heard some “squeeks” and some “rattles” and he saw some vampires and a dirty creek.


Chapter 3:

R-R-R-R wint the monster.  He was mad and hungry.  He ate some more rats and chains.  He ate some skeleton bons and some spiders and some spider-webs.  He was full after so much to eat.  He took a nap.  He took a nap on a spider-webs.  And he slap for 40 years.  And then he saw Mr. Skeleton.  He was planting chains that would go squeek.


Chapter 4:

And he married another monster.  He kissed her.  And they both weighed 85 inches.  And they tried to put dirt on the spider-webs.  And they put chains on ghost.  And he ate 200 spiders and got fat.  He got as fat as a pig.  And he allmost got fat enough to go “pop.”  But he dident.  And his wife over at Mr. Frontiers house.  She dident go pop.


Chapter 5:

The monsters wife was makeing dinner.  They had spider soup.  Y-M-M-M said the monster.  It was good.  But he never had it befor.  He dident get full he just went on eating.  He ate and ate and ate but he relly WAS full.  But he din’t know it.  He went to sleep agien.