To appear on my upcoming debut CD, whenever I get around to recording it.  Upbeat ska/reggae.




We’re goin’ out to the baseball game

Me and my friends are gonna get a bit insane

We got the tickets and we got a lotta cash

To buy the frothy alcohol that gets us really trashed


We get to our seats and order up a round

Eight bucks a beer sure ain’t the best deal in town

We toast to the players and the women in the stands

And suck it down our throats because we’re real sports fans



I’m gonna drink three beers an inning

I don’t care if my team’s not winning

I don’t care if they slip to last place

‘Cuz I’m gonna get ‘faced


It’s bottom of the third, a foul comes our way

We scramble for the ball, but it’s just too far away

We find the guy who caught it and we give him all our beers

And fifty dollars later we’ll take home a souvenir


The pitcher hits the batter, they get into a brawl

Both the benches empty, it’s an ugly free-for-all

The drunken crowd is frenzied and they start to scream and shout

‘Cuz alcohol and violence are what it’s all about




Now it’s getting late, I’m feelin’ kinda dead

It’s seventeen to three, but I don’t know who’s ahead

My wallet’s nearly empty, my body’s full of booze

My friend says, “this is awesome,” then he vomits on my shoes