Ever been feeling low, then suddenly remember an obscure but really happy thought from way back when…and you were immediately cheerful?

This thought just came ‘round:

Back some New Year’s Eve in the early 90s, I was booked as the emcee for the night’s comedy shows at the Radisson Hotel in Merrillville, IN. It’s a big nice hotel, and instead of using the facility’s small comedy club, the shows were held in the main banquet hall, which is HUGE. It was the biggest audience for which I ever performed.

An hour or so before the first show, the club manager came up to me. She said, “you know, a few weeks ago when the agent told me the lineup for tonight, it was different. I said, ‘do I have any say-so in the talent?’ He said, ‘I guess…who do you have in mind?’ I said, “I want Gary Webel to emcee.’ He said, “I’ll give him a call.’”

Then I ravaged her. Just kidding. I thanked her profusely.

I just found it quite heartwarming that a manager (who never requested particular comics) would want me to start the biggest shows of the year – because she thought I kicked ass.

And the shows went great. Not a drop of flop sweat. And no broken guitar strings. That always sucked.