In my many years in this world, I’ve come to notice something.  Well, I’ve noticed thousands of things, but one in particular.

People seem to go through life in one of three modes:  enjoying, existing, or enduring.

Of course, these modes can fluctuate; in fact, I’d say most people fluctuate.  It’s tough being in one mode all the time.


Here’s a breakdown:

ENJOY:  These are the people who grab life by the balls.  They have fun thoughts and do fun things and hang out with fun people.  They get up each morning and say “hell yeah, another glorious day.” They get out there and live it up and love every minute of it.

EXIST: These are the people with a kind of “meh” attitude.  They get up in the morning and go through the motions until it’s time to go to bed and start the process over.  Boredom is a big factor.  Life’s not a complete drag, but it ain’t roses and fireworks either.

ENDURE: These are the people to whom life is a real bummer.  Just being on this planet’s a chore, and they want you to know it.  Reality sucks for some reason, and they mope and complain.  They get up each morning and say “fuck, another day.”  Nothing seems to make them happy.



You’re only on this planet for a short while, so enjoy life as much as you can.  Really, I think that’s the whole point: you’re born, you die, and in between you should be as happy as you can be.  I rarely endure, sometimes exist, but enjoy as much as possible.  Find pleasure in the little things.