I suppose most people ponder what happens after we shuffle off this mortal coil, or if anything happens at all.

Here’s how I hope things go down:

Imagine you’ve had one of those days.  You’re completely exhausted, and it’s bedtime.  You get into your bedtime clothes then get into your even more comfortable bed.  You lie on your back and close your eyes.  It’s completely quiet and the room temperature is just right.  You are at complete peace and in a complete state of relaxation.

For me, there is a brief period where I’m not quite asleep and not quite awake.  I’m guessing it lasts 15 to 20 seconds.  In that period, right before I fall asleep, I can’t feel my body.  I’m detached, disembodied, just my consciousness.  And it’s quiet; not the usual music or comedy bits or “brilliant” ideas. I’m just there, in the darkness.

And it feels fantastic.

That’s what I’m hoping.  I continue to exist in that very state.  And while I don’t think there’s a heaven or hell, I hope that at least TRYING to be a decent person will make my existence pleasurable.  Unlimited holodeck would be nice.


And if I’m wrong and it’s excruciating torment…well-played, universe.  *golf clap*