If you’re like me, you’ll often hear a word or phrase and think, “that’d make a great band name.”  Here are a few I think would be pretty sweet (with references, if necessary, in parentheses):


Dr. Tongue (SCTV)

Boomshanka  (The Young Ones)

Nurse Ratchet  (One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest)

Hot Rod Hillbillies

The Smurf Whores

Foul Wilt  (Wilt Chamberlain; poor free-throw shooter, so foul him late in a close game)

Aspen Dragon  (Ass Been Draggin’…get it?)

Mystery Date

Allen Smithee  (stock Hollywood name used if original participant doesn’t want his/her name attached to final project)

Dropout Factory

Keep The Change

No Pun Intended

Bassomatic  (Saturday Night Live)

Shotgun Wedding

Katy Bar The Door

Bully Pulpit

Knockout Ned  (City of God)

Rubber Hits Road

Tarts & Vicars

Misspent Youth

The Notorious Quitters

Magic Bullet

Pipe Dream

Cooler Heads Prevailed

Ponderous Tome

The Bumpus’s Dogs  (A Christmas Story)

Alert The Media

Drunk and Disorderly

Shakin’ The Bush  (Cool Hand Luke)

Penny Farthing

Swing and a Miss  (Only good if in a swing band with a female singer)


And my favorite actual band name:


We’re Late and Smell Like Beer