Back last year, I posted to YouTube an old video of myself doing stand-up comedy in 1993.  Out of curiosity, I turned on the transcript/automated captions function.  I wish I could have been as funny as what’s transcribed – but then I would have been on strong acid.  It reads like really bad poetry, and they only got a few phrases right:


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Gave us a sense of the mizrahi rollins self

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Guidelines for granting underwear masses way to be a lot

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Monitors his hard drive

Hanging out on the g_seven seals when I walk in it

Betsy decided

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That camera inside the submarine would rather not you know it

Before you know I’ll be there

Dizziness or not

Delude themselves that uh…capitol hill to the columns slightly


Our goal

Dance lesson

Oliver similar bills in the white house is really sad

Last weekend’s unknown to you

Delivery location now this is

Decisions based

Do we have here is the person who gets that way

And usually I can tell parents to decide

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Essentially the first formal television commercials were bruises which he calls

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Not because I was reading them all

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Engagement in Charlottesville


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In dallas texas

Pleased with the c_d_c_bcd