New song.  And I hate it when inspiration strikes at 3 a.m.



Facebook, let’s take a look

The social interaction of the times

Facebook, don’t read a book

When you can electronically destroy your mind


Why do you love animals more than people?

Why are you angry and calling me a sheeple?

Right-wing loonie or a left-wing commie

I think you weren’t loved enough by your mommy


I don’t care what you had for dinner

And you don’t have to call me a dirty sinner

Are you in a relationship or are you single

Or is it complicated? I don’t even know what that means


I wish you had something interesting to say

And I’m getting pretty sick of George Takei




Think six thousand pictures of your kid’s enough?

You broke a nail, yeah, life’s pretty rough

You’re sending me all your stupid game requests

And your YouTube links are tepid at best


You’re clinically depressed and need attention

You’re drunk again and need an intervention

Can you think of any kind of an original joke?

Is that a duck face or are you having a stroke?


If I were granted one wish, I’d make it really count

I’d go back in time and shoot Zuckerberg in the mouth