I wrote this when I was 13.  It’s since been my most requested song at shindigs and such.  I have no idea why.  It will also appear on my upcoming debut CD (projected release date: Fall 2025). 




Hostess Twinkies, apple pies

Quarter Pounder and French fries

All these foods taste rather good

But you know my favorite’s mud



Mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud

It’s for me

Mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud

Good as can be


I hate corndogs on a stick

Cake and ice cream make me sick

There’s one food that’s not a dud

And everyone knows it is mud




I like mud with eggs and ham

My dog Spot eats mud and jam

Mud’s nutritious and it’s fun

Let’s feed mud to everyone




If you don’t like mud, you’ll see

Adding moss makes it tasty

Just throw in a worm or two

You’ll find out that mud’s for you




Mud’s the food for you and me

Let’s consume it faithfully

Some folks say, “here’s mud in your eye”

But put it in your mouth and you’ll be just fine