I wrote this 11 years ago and posted it on a message forum.  I thought I’d lost it forever, but a kindly administrator retrieved it for me (thanks Lorina!).




1. They can be quite expensive when they first come on the market; they’re much cheaper when they’re used.

2. You can sometimes trade with (or borrow/steal from) friends.

3. You can sometimes find good deals on the Internet.

4. Some are way too easy and unchallenging, and you end up losing interest.

5. Some are way too hard and frustrating, and you end up giving up.

6. Some are too repetitive and predictable, and you end up getting bored.

7. Some start out promising, but get so complicated you end up pulling your hair out.

8. Some are just plain stupid, and you wonder why they were created at all.

9. The most popular ones are usually overhyped.

10. The ones with the most attractive packaging are often the least fun, and vice-versa.

11. The older classics are often more enjoyable than the new flashy ones.

12. Damaged ones usually don’t play right.

13. The best ones have an appealing interface, are user-friendly, are challenging without being overwhelming, have good replay value, have an interesting background story, keep you entertained, have a sense of humor, and – most importantly – let you start over if you mess up.