I suppose everyone fantasizes about winning a big lottery jackpot.  And there have been quite a few lottery winners over the years.

Ever watch those “Lottery Changed My Life”-type shows?  A few people are smart and even charitable with the money, and set themselves up for life.  But many blow their millions in a few years and end up right back in the trailer park where they started, bitter and confused.

It’s a gift, see?  You were chosen to gain great wealth in a short amount of time.  That’s a bit of a shock, even though you knew there was a slight chance when you bought the ticket.

Do you use your newfound wealth to help others and better the world, or do you use it for entirely selfish purposes?  What’s it gonna be, boy?



Say I win several million.  Which is unlikely, since I don’t buy anything but the occasional $3 scratch-off.  Buy anyway, here’s my fantasy:


Dwelling:  I’d have a custom house built.  Nothing ostentatious; maybe a three-bedroom with a decent kitchen and a few rooms in which to play around.  I’m thinking a game room with a few classic pinball and arcade games, modest studio/music/recording/writing room, TV hangout room, bar area, etc.

Must-have: theater room.  Huge screen, modern projector and sound system, comfy cushy seats for 10 – 12.  Movie nights showing the classics.

Modest-sized outdoor party area; probably a pool.

LocationSomewhere in California with marijuana dispensaries nearby.


Sustenance:  I don’t think I’d eat much differently than I do now.  Maybe enjoy a lobster or expensive steak once in a while.  Other than that – wait, CA has crappy pizza, right?  Dammit.  I’d have some Lou Malnati’s flown in from Chi-town.


Clothing:  The only times clothes have ever mattered to me is when I’m trying to impress someone.  That’s usually 1. A job interviewer;  2. A crowd for whom I’m performing;  3.  An attractive babe;  4.  A stern judge.   Other than that, I’d see what Slackerwear™ CA has to offer.


Vehicle:  Green 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback, like Steve McQueen’s in Bullitt.  Hubcaps optional.


Spirituality:  I’d think about starting an online church.  It’d be free and I’d never ask for donations.  It’d promote peace, love, tolerance, and non-violent revolution.  Upkeep would be relatively inexpensive.  Humor would be mandatory.  Any advertisers would have to be hippie-type laid-back companies.


Charity:  I’d examine finances and see how much I could give to charities and still bankroll investments.  I’m sure that amount would be a lot.  Charities would include homeless shelters, halfway houses for the abused and addicted, mental illness, animal cruelty/rescue and veterans’ organizations, and as many other help-the-downtrodden places as possible.

I’d also help out any friends or family members as needed.


Investments:  I’d start a small artists’ production company.  It’d specialize in promoting just-starting-out musicians, filmmakers, writers and artists.  The goal would be to build up a steady income stream from albums, movies, books and other artistic media.

Anything left over would go into stock of high-tech medical and technological companies to hopefully be able to reinvest in other artistic ventures or donate to charities.


If all that fails, well, at least I’m in CA and can rent a studio apartment and wait tables and shop screenplays around like everybody else.